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About me, social media, and how to get in touch

Hello, I'm Amy a photographer from Sydney, Australia


I was introduced to the world of photography over five years ago by my husband Milton. He loved my work on Instagram and even thought I could compose a better shot than he could with an IPhone, so was curious to see what I could do with a “real” camera. Fast track to current day and I have now photographed over 200 stunning weddings alongside him.

Whilst being exposed to many genres of photography over the years I came realise that there was something missing in the head-shot and personal branding space - a modern approach (minus all the big studio lights and cheesy camera smiles). I wanted to create images with loads of personality that truly reflect who you are and that you will be proud to share across your social and networking platforms, websites and business documents. 

I like to offer my clients a fresh take on personal branding photography, so if you need to shakeup your old Linkedin profile shot or have just completed that all important “About Me” page and desperately need a super chic image that is really YOU then you have come to right place.






Amy Farrell
+61 419 619 417
2/3 Queen Street, Chippendale
NSW 2008